All about me…. and why I have chosen to pursue a career in Graphic Arts, Web Design.

I have always enjoyed creating art, and always longed for a more creative career.


Instead, I spent a number of years designing printed circuit boards. It was a good career, the pay was good, which allowed me to support my family. Unfortunately, it was also stressful, and after experiencing a life changing event, I realized that I needed a change. So, I sold my house and went to Mexico to study art.


Now I believe I have found the best of both, technology and art. Depending on what aspect of web design you are focused on, there will be a relationship between technology and art. I’m also interested in doing illustration work. In addition to the degree program, I will be exploring more coding options such as Php and Javascript.


Ultimately, I would like to be able to do a majority of my work freelancing and telecommuting, so that I could work from anywhere ..


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