Categories and Tags

Differences and Similarities

Categories and tags are both classified as taxonomies. They are both used to sort the content, and increase the usability of the site.

Category – A broad grouping of posts. The category can be looked at as general topics, or table of contents. Categories can have hierarchy, with sub-categories, that will enable sorting at a more definitive level.

Tags – A tag will enable sorting in a more detailed manner, using index words, or microdata, to microcategorize the content. This allows the viewer to find specific information contained in the post.

Categories are required, but tags are not. Categories and tags should  work together to improve the users experience.

An Example:

Mexico – Categorymap_of_mexico_lg

Ruins, Museums, Sights, – Categories

Mayan Ruins, Aztec Ruins, – Sub-categoriesmaya-aztec-map

Palenque, Tonina, Teotihuacon, Tulum, – Tagsteo10